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Managing the difficulties linked with computer and numerical data

Managing the difficulties linked with computers and numerical data


The firm has become extremely dependent on its computer and electronic equipment; the slightest problem with its operation therefore takes on catastrophic proportions.

You design, produce or sell technological products; you buy and use technological products: our main concern is to adapt the traditional legal techniques to the innovating products, services and processes.

A dedicated team has the necessary technological culture.


Our answer

We assist you in all or part of the following missions, depending on your requirements:

Upstream consultancy

- cybersurveillance and protection of employee liberties

- protection of personal data, CNIL compliance

- domain names

- e-commerce, electronic payment

- dematerialisation of procedures

- computer specifications



- audit of current contracts  

- web site audit  

- audit of personal databases and computer files  


Contract drafting, negotiation and follow up  

- computer projects: licences, integration, information management, maintenance, hosting, externalisation of information systems with assistance to personnel and reversibility measures, software development…

- internal computer charts  



- software infringement

- conflicts concerning domain names

- computer claims: bad workmanship, not adapted to requirements, technical failure, hidden defect, ill advice

- civil liability action  

- respect of contractual liabilities and obligations  

- mediation, arbitration and transactions

- criminal liability, cybercriminality


The main fields of expertise concerned

Industrial and intellectual property, Computers and the Internet

And also… 

Commercial disputes 
Contracts, Competition, Distribution 


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