Jurisdiction in the case of harm to the reputation of an online company

Within the European Union, a company that has its reputation damaged on the Internet may request the deletion of the publication and ask damages for its prejudice before a judge of the Member State in which it has its centre of interest. Read more

Reform of wealth tax in an international context

The suppression of the Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune (wealth tax, hereafter "ISF") and the introduction of the Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière (Real estate wealth tax, "IFI") may make certain non-residents, who have invested in real estate companies, liable to tax in France whether French or not, listed or not, and holding assets in France. Read more

Export of company mutual investment funds

As of 3rd January 2018, foreign law firms and French companies belonging to a foreign group, which has several employees working in foreign subsidiaries, under a foreign law contract, will be able to create mutual international investment funds for employees in foreign companies. Read more

The Company of the Future returns for a 3rd Edition, not to be missed!

After the success of the first two congresses, bringing together over 1 300 decision makers in 2016 and 3 000 in 2017, The Company of the Future is back on January 18th, 2018 at the Lyon Convention Centre, for a third edition based on an exchange of experiences and the sharing of best practices. As a partner from the beginning, LAMY LEXEL has once again shown no hesitation in its desire to participate in this annual meeting of executives and executive committees of small-medium size and intermediate-size companies, with the exception of digital technology, which wish to innovate to transform their businesses over the coming years. Read more
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