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"I love Lyon, but I am still very attached to my Burgundy origins and its wines..."



Labour disputes

Individual and collective dismissals

Individual and collective labour relationships

Disputes following URSSAF inspections

Accidents at work and Occupational Hazards disputes

Collective bargaining

Company executive status

Staff representation



Partner Director - Bar of Lyon (FRANCE)
Labour and Social Security Law department

Between labour and social security law, Aurélie is involved particularly in cases of individual and collective work relations leading to litigation. She is also a contact for all subjects related to social security, accidents at work, occupational hazards, controls and social contribution adjustments…

Aurélie advises and defends companies involved in litigation with a pragmatic approach focused on an overall analysis of the situation of the company and an assessment of the consequences and issues resulting from any dispute.

Education and training

DJCE & DESS Business Law and Taxation

Speciality Social Law (Lyon III) - 2005

Professional background

Since 2016: LAMY LEXEL Avocats Associés

Since 2009: LAMY LEXEL Avocats Associés

2008 to 2009: Delsol  & Associés

Outside work…

For Aurélie, family and friends are sacred! All these shared moments are a breath of fresh air. She also likes to put pen to paper, not just concerning the cases she’s working on, but also for artistic expression...


(33) 4 26 84 31 18

Aurélie seen by
Frédéric DUPONT

"Aurélie is extremely rigorous in her role as advisor in the litigation department, this is combined with a huge capacity for work and an ability to sum up the situation. Her naturally gentle nature is always reassuring. She is very good listener at the same time showing the assurance necessary to plead her cases with conviction."

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