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"Liberty, serenity, security"



Capital development

Capital investment

LBOs - Leveraged buy-outs

Stock exchange law

Joint-ventures and strategic alliances

Financial engineering

Corporate law


Jean-Pierre GITENAY

Partner - Bar of Lyon (FRANCE)
Corporate, Mergers-Acquisitions, Stock exchange, Finance departement

An expert in company law, M & A and stock exchange law, Jean-Pierre collaborates closely with business leaders, in order to aid them in their growth projects. He is very active in the regional financial and economic ecosystem.

EDUCATION ANd training

DESS in Private Law

professional background

Since 1977: LAMY LEXEL Avocats Associés
Founding partner

Involvement in networks

  • Former member of the Bar Council 
  • Lecturer in company law and stock exchange law:
    • Ecole des Avocats Lyon (Lyon bar school)
    • EM Lyon (Management school)
    • University Lyon III (DJCE et DESS Banque-Finance)
    • University Lyon II (DESS Banque-Finance)
    • University of Montpellier (DJCE)
  • Member of APIA ( Association for Patrimony and Individual Ownership)
  • President of the Lyon APM Club (association for the progression of management)
  • Vice-President of Lyon Place Financière et Tertiaire (the association of finance professionals Rhône Alps)
  • Administrator of Lyon Pôle Bourse
  • Member of MiddleNext (an organisation to defend the interests of mid-caps)
  • Member of the ROTARY club
  • Member of AADB (Stock Exchange Lawyer Association)

OUTSIde work…

Jean-Pierre was born in 1949. He has many passions including golf, sailing, and botany. His motto? "Tomorrow there is less to discover than to invent." 


(33) 4 26 84 31 01 

Jean-Pierre seen by
Pierre-Antoine FARHAT

"Two words describe Jean-Pierre: wisdom and pragmatism. It is not surprising that he has gained the trust of so many business leaders, when he has assisted them in their growth and success. In some cases for over 30 years!"

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