Perspectives: develop your talents

"LAMY LEXEL is a firm in perpetual motion. Our leitmotiv:

• Operate our business in an innovative way

• Improve our competences

• Become major players in our evolution!"



Perspectives: develop your talents

By joining LAMY LEXEL, you are choosing a firm with a strong entrepreneurial, connected and dynamic culture, focused on the satisfaction of its clients and the well-being of its employees.

A path through life that will lead you to evolve your practices and consider new business opportunities.



You join a team consisting of approximately 55 nationally acclaimed lawyers in Lyon and Paris, grouped into five technical departments. You will be directed by several tutors (partners or senior lawyers), guaranteeing you diversity in the tasks you are charged with, covering a varied clientele (start-ups, SMEs, mid-market companies, listed companies, groups, etc.).

  • Training: a predefined path to improve your competence, a cycle of internal training to refresh cross disciplinary knowledge (legal, management, economics, foreign languages etc), and free access to a range of documentary resources

  • Customer relationship: a direct and regular contact with customers to fully understand their needs and expectations

  • Trust: autonomy on a daily basis, inclusion on assignments with high added value, the opportunity to manage with your own cases

  • International: the opportunity to participate in our international networks, particularly through our Exchange program (a two-month immersion in the firms of our foreign partners)

  • Evolution: by developing expertise in specific fields, mentorship, being a technical tutor, by providing training, by managing your own customer portfolio, managing a team etc. Various roles and statuses have been implemented to support the ambitions of our employees

Assistants and support service

LAMY LEXEL has around thirty employees, consisting of legal assistants supervised by lawyers (Lyon/Paris), and support functions based in Lyon (HR, communication, accounting, documentation, reception) managed by the general management. A combination that ensures effective assistance within teams and an optimal service to customers!

  • Training: in-house an annual training plan (legal practice skills, foreign languages, I.T etc), complementary to external training through the “CPF” (French publicly funded continuing education program)

  • Responsibility: being in direct contact with clients, manage autonomously some types of accounts, work collaboratively with your tutor.

  • Listening: participation in internal working groups (improving practices, tools, general organisation etc.), regular team meetings and particular consideration given to your career development

  • Evolution: whether by an adaptation of your profile leading to increased skills, or through a diploma course, each request is carefully considered to find your ideal route

Interns and student lawyers

Because the transmission of experience is an integral part of our values, we are closely involved in the schools/universities of Lyon and Montpellier, and welcome many trainees annually. Legal secretary, paralegal, student lawyer, many profiles that we regularly integrate into our teams for an internship, and why not recruitment? Because internship is also a real entry way, the opportunity for you and for us to consider a more long-term collaboration. 75% of our associates began as a junior lawyer, or as an intern at LAMY LEXEL!

  • Transition: participation in the in-house training and documentary meetings, daily support of the tutoring coach and team members

  •  Integration: support on all assignments, with a real involvement in cases, participation in team meetings and the internal life of the firm

  •  Evolution: for student lawyers at the final stage, recruitment may be considered, throughout the different stages of the process

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