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Business Practices

In practical terms, how do we work with you?

Here is an example of your "journey" with our teams, from acceptance of your file to its conclusion:

Your Needs / Listening to Clients:

Within 24 hours of your first contact, we will respond. One of our 13 partners will handle your first appointment, either in your office or in either our Lyon or Paris office, in order to identify your needs, your projects, and your challenges. In accordance with the rules of conduct specific to our profession, we guarantee total confidentiality of exchanges concerning your projects and we are dedicated to combating any form of money laundering with the internal processes we have established.

Constructing the Team / Cross Competence:

A single contact person rapidly takes responsibility for your project into their hands. Your contact will then mobilise the global response team, whose expertise is tailored to your requirements, and manage the relationship with your teams.

Quotes / Transparency:

An estimate of the price of our services, established according to different formulas (hourly rates, added-value, success fees, subscription etc.). There are no surprises in the final billing!

Team Work / Dynamics:

In project mode, we work not only with our teams, but also with your teams in order to effectively advance your operation. Progress reports are transmitted regularly, and we are committed to respond to any contact from you within 48 hours.

Deadlines / Reactivity:

Thanks to our strike force, we are able to quickly mobilise the appropriate interlocutors and we are committed to meet deadlines that may sometimes seem to be impossible!

Your Solution / Innovation and Creativity:

Coherent action, the search for innovative and value-creating solutions, the transfer of know-how, etc.; these are the key words which ensure quality services that meet your requirements.

Final Satisfaction / Quality of Client Relations:

Your assessment of and satisfaction with the quality of our service is essential to us; we value your opinions! We are primarily a service company, so the quality of the client relationship is our TOP priority.

After / Transmission of Know-How:

Because our relationship is long-term, we offer you and your teams newsletters, training courses and conferences. Eight stages to fully support you in all your projects.

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