Recruitment: a mutual commitment in three stages

“A recruitment is a meeting, a sharing of life for several years." Michel MASOËRO, CEO of LAMY LEXEL.

Recruitment: a mutual commitment in three stages

LAMY LEXEL is a law firm positioning itself as a services company, with an organisation and a corporate culture that brings us closer to the modus operandi of our clients. The varied profiles of our team is what makes us stand out. Professional lawyers, legal assistants, general management and support functions, at the service of clients, members of the firm (the Lamy Lexeliens!), as well as the evolution of the firm’s projects.

This mix and our orientation towards "client satisfaction" makes us what we are,  teams united by shared human values, creating customised solutions, thanks to a collaborative, multidisciplinary combination of talents

Success based on evaluating your competence, your personality, combined with our culture and our teams! So that everyone finds their place and benefits from this collaboration...

To get to know each other better and test our ability to work together, the meeting consists of three stages :

An English competency evaluation based on your desired placement

Auditing in English is an important step for the recruitment of lawyers. Due to the strong development of our international activity, a minimum competency is required. English courses are also available throughout the year to enrich your knowledge of the English language and help you to interact with foreign clients.

A personality/work preferences questionnaire

The questionnaire is a tool to identify and measure your qualities with respect to your comportment and your way of dealing with real-life situations, in order to evaluate them to our standards. There are no wrong answers, simply a basis of exchanges and discussions to prepare you for the interview which follows!

An interview with tutors and/or general management

Finally, the candidate has an interview with his or her future tutors, then a member of the general management. This interview is a key moment: meeting one or more of the team members and receiving information on the organisation of work, our strategic positioning, our customers, your assignments, our ambitions, your vision of the position etc. The adventure starts here!

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