How to use business law as a tool that can help company strategies

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How to use business law as a tool that can help company strategies

LAMY LEXEL has almost one hundred dedicated, involved, and responsive employees, situated in Lyon and Paris, who are able to provide creative solutions. We consider our services as a partnership with the company and its manager to assist in their expansion and development.

We have chosen to build multidisciplinary, highly trained and motivated teams, able to respond to human resources issues, growth, costs and risks control in a changing world.

We are therefore well placed to assist start-ups, SMEs, Mid-Market companies, EPIC, and groups of companies, in France or abroad, to meet their needs:

  • Corporate, mergers and acquisitions, bank and stock market: growth operations negotiations, financial backing, stockholder relations, etc.
  • Taxation: the proposal of imaginative solutions to reduce costs
  • Labour: management of your employees, individually or globally
  • Contracts: in particular international contracts; we are part of two networks of business lawyers, operating in 75 countries
  • Litigation: LAMY LEXEL is a brand recognised in the courts, particularly with respect to corporate restructuring activities

We are committed to the establishment of a stable and cross-competent group of experts who appreciate the benefits of working together to co-create the innovative and pragmatic solutions our customers need.

We are familiar with the business environment, and we understand how to integrate it into our own, to enable us to develop long-term, durable relationships of confidence with our clients.

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