The international dimension of LAMY LEXEL



1 LAMY LEXEL lawyer has worked in Hong Kong and 110 partner legal firms in over 75 countries

The international dimension of LAMY LEXEL

Expanding internationally is a challenge open to any business, but it is Important to consider the local market, its conditions, its working methods and its assets before making any decisions.


With its international networks of business lawyers present in more than 75 countries, and with one of its lawyers who has worked in Hong Kong, LAMY LEXEL can guide you towards an optimised and secure deployment of your resources internationally.

Interested in Hong Kong and its open market to China?

With the experience of one of our lawyers who has worked during several years in Hong Kong, we have reinforced our international presence in this incredibly economically active territory. As the world’s third largest financial centre and the primary open door to Asia, Hong Kong is strategically placed and has an attractive tax structure designed to attract foreign investors and French entrepreneurs.

This provides you with an opportunity to discover the legal, cultural and economic assets of this territory and discuss specific questions concerning your project.

LAMY LEXEL, founders and active members of two international networks : PLG International Lawyers  and First Law International

With these networks, we are in contact with more than 110 law firms located in 75 countries dispersed across all continents. 

We support you in all your international projects through our quality partners. No surprises, only trusted lawyers with proven technical and human qualities.

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