What a no-deal Brexit would mean for your British employees working in France and your French employees working in the UK

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union means significant changes for British citizens working in France and French citizens working in the UK – changes that businesses are advised to prepare for. (Order 2019-76 of 6?February 2019 and Decree 2019-264 of 2?April 2019) Read more

Is the Government looking to encourage investment in France by non-residents? Separating myth from reality

Published on 02 April 2019
The draft Budget Bill for 2018 provides for a number of measures concerning non-residents and the taxation of their income from French sources, whose financial impact might turn out to be positive or negative, but not neutral. Read more

The “Future Career” act: new developments in the posting of employees in France

In addition to the training, apprenticeship and unemployment benefit reforms, the “Act for the freedom to choose one’s future career”, enacted on 5 September 2018, provides for a number of measures relating to the posting of employees in France. Read more

Application of a forum-selection clause in the event of a violation of competition law

A ruling by the First Civil Division of the Court of Cassation handed down on 30 January 2019 (Civ. 1, 30 January 2019, No. 16-25.259) has now closed the legal debate in the so-called “Apple” case by ruling on the scope of a forum-selection clause when the dispute concerns competition law. Read more

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