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"There are many things that seem impossible until someone has tried them." André Gide


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Partner - Barreau of Paris (FRANCE)
Labour and Social Security Law department

As head of the Parisian Labour and social security law Department in Paris, Isabelle covers very diverse missions, in connection with workers’ rights and social security. She advises companies and represents their interests, in terms of defining their employment strategy, implementation of their restructuring and reorganisation, management of individual relationships with their employees and workers representatives.

For groups of companies, she guides them in their projects for the harmonisation of the practices of their subsidiaries. Involved in industries ranging from co-operative industrial projects to the luxury goods and service sectors, Isabelle is capable of adapting her advice to each company and the people it is comprised of.

Her conviction??

"Human relationships are at the heart of the success of a company..."

education and training

DESS "Legal experts in social law" (University Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne)

professional background

Since 1999: LAMY LEXEL Avocats Associés
Lawyer then partner of the Labour and Social security Law Department in Paris

Involvement in networks

  • Participant in social law at Club RH of ESSYM (Business School specialised in Management Systems) Paris-Ile de France

  • Member of After 40 (Young Economic Chamber of Paris)

Outside WORK…

Isabelle loves to find open spaces and take advantage of the serenity of nature to recharge her batteries. For her, nothing is better than hiking in the fresh air!



Isabelle seen by
Christian GUICHARD

"Isabelle embodies the perfect balance between listening, diplomacy and rigor; qualities which are indispensable in her field, which combines human relations, complex projects, and a constantly evolving legal base. For her, every client is unique and each mission is essential."

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