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"The south of France and the sun: my origins, a lot of beautiful meetings and sens of sharing that is dear to my heart"


Corporate Law

Stock Exchange Law (IPOs, follow-up, secondary debt and equity operations, public offers)


Company restructuring


Capital investment


Financing operations

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Frédéric DUPONT

Partner - Bar of Lyon (FRANCE)
Corporate, Mergers-Acquisitions, Stock exchange, Finance department

 Involved at all stages of the economic activity of enterprises, Frédéric advises both start-ups in their conception phase and as well as companies experiencing growth (both listed and unlisted) on day-to-day as well as long-term matters.

He is committed to making law an important decision-support tool, and uses his expertise to add value to the sustainability of his customers’ projects.


DESS Company Law and Taxation (University of Clermont Ferrand) - 2004

Professional backround

2016: LAMY LEXEL Avocats Associés

2014: LAMY LEXEL Avocats Associés
Senior Manager

2008-2014: LAMY LEXEL Avocats Associés

Involvement in networks

  • Partner of Middlenext (an organisation to defend  the interests of mid-caps)

  • Member of :L’AADB (lawyers specialised in stock exchange law)

  • Club Cordelia (young managers of LPFT)

  • DFCG (National organisation for finance and administration directors and managers)

  • Waoup (a start-up factory)

  • La Cuisine du Web (development of the Lyonnais web ecosystem) 

Outside work…

Originally from Montpellier, Frédéric loves to return to his roots in the South of France and share the joys of the Mediterranean lifestyle with his family. Open-minded, and ready to discuss and share ideas with as many people as possible, human relationships are the basis of Féréric’s balanced outlook!


(33) 4 26 84 31 01

Frédéric seen by
Vincent MEDAIL

"Above all, Frederic, embodies human values! He can quickly create a climate of trust and closeness. With the attention he gives to his clients, and his ability to analyse situations rapidly, he gives wise advice tailored to each situation."

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